Bridal shower petite package


Calling all Bridesmaids, are you having a difficult time thinking of ideas for your friend's bridal shower? Rent our bridal shower petite package which includes 2 card games you could play together, customised signage, customised well wishes cards, sash, crown etc! It will make the bridal shower a fun and personalised one! Tell us your theme and we'll design your cards and signage according to the theme.

The $60 package includes the following items:
1) Customised A4 Bridal shower signage and mint frame (frame is for rent)
2) 4 customised well wishes cards for Bride-to-be (additional cards at $1 each)
3) Crown for rent (Choose from 3 design)
4) Bridal shower sash for rent (Choose from 2 design)
5) Bridal shower cake/flower topper with customised name
6) 2 card games with customisable questions placed in a gold frame:
a. Who knows the bride best?
Includes 10 questions related to the bride-to-be/couple that all the bridesmaids have to answer first before the bride-to-be gives her answer. We have a template of questions to ask but you could customise the questions too.
b. Here comes the bride (Guess what the groom answered!)
Includes 10 fill in the blanks that the groom has to answer. One bridesmaid will record a video of the groom's answers or get him to write down the answers. Bridesmaids and bride-to-be are to guess the groom's answers before it is being revealed. Words for the fill in the blanks are customisable too.

Optional add-on:
1) A bouquet of flowers for bride-to-be by The Blue Thistle - $110
2) Fresh flower crown by The Blue Thistle - $60