Q1: Can I rent the props for 1 day/ 2 days only?

A: Yes you can rent the props for less than 4 days but the rental price will still be the same. 4 days rental period is to give customer more time to collect and return props.

Q2: Do you provide set up?

A: Yes we do!

Q3: Do you provide delivery?

A: Yes, we do provide delivery at $50 per trip. However, we encourage self-collection so that you could inspect the items! 

 Q4: How are the props packed?

A: We packed the props in ikea boxes and bags. All fragile items are bubble wrapped. Please return all the boxes/ bags and bubble wraps. You do not need to bring anything during collection.

Q5: Can my friends/ family members collect the props on my behalf?

A: Yes they can! Just inform them to quote your name during collection.